VEGA Awards Centauri Winner: Best Connected Products & Wearables


Nanobytes Won the VEGA AWARDS Centauri Award in Best Connected Products & Wearables category​

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Nanobytes are a collectible toy universe with a unique, patented, highly-detailed cubular style. Each NanoByte contains a QR code which unlocks DataBytes (Fun facts, jokes, world records, etc) and scans the physical toy into the free APP: Nanobytes:ByteWorld A truly immersive physical and digital play experience, the two worlds coming together and enhancing each other instead of being rivals to replace one another. This innovative combination of physical toys interlinked with the digital experience gives toy collectors the ability to develop their own digital metaverse. Each scan of the physical unlock interesting trivia (which can be changed anytime, giving flexibility of edutainment), the fun doesn’t stop there as each physical scan also unlocks more games in the APP (memory games, skill games, reaction time, retro games etc), special powers within those games, unique decorations, new play patterns, and more. A positive synergy of play, as well as the flexibility to change content according to the players evolution of interests. We do believe it’s the future of physical + digital play. Kade is a family business with a small, intensely passionate team who managed to develop this with a vision of the future of play, including Build your very own ByteWorld with NanoBytes. Hours and hours of edutainment are packed into a digital world that you build by collecting the world’s first smart collectible.


CEO: Dean Tzembelikos
Design Director: Katrin Tzembelikos
CEO & Producer of Mind Studios Games: Ivan Dyshuk
Game Designer/Project Manager: Danil Sumarokov
Nanobytes Vega awards

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