23-24/09,30/9,01/10 2023
1 team/ day

17:00PM- 18:00PM

每隊1-2人登記報名, 40分鐘內完成魔方馬賽克挑戰, 即可獲得獎品!
Register 1-2 persons per team and complete the Rubik’s mosaic challenge within 40 minutes to win a prize!


Participants can enter for the challenge with 1-2 players / team – which will take place at 5pm for 40min. If the team completes within 40min each team member wins a prize. Challenge is 1 team per day.


Registration is open TRU Causeway Bay or sign up below!


A central pixelated image will be revealed prior to each challenge beginning. Each team has 40min to complete.


Approximately 225 bulk Rubik’s cubes will be provided for this promotion to be used by participants to create the mosaic images. Mosaic images provided by Kade Global.


Completed in 40 minutes:

  • HK$300 TRU Gift Coupon (per participant)
  • Rubik’s Perplexus 3×3 cube(per participant) 

All participants receive a Rubik’s T-shirt

🕐 Dates & Times:

Week 1

Saturday 23rd Sept: 5pm
(turn up at 4.45pm)

Sunday 24th Sept: 5pm
(turn up at 4.45pm)

Week 2 
Saturday 30th Sept: 5pm
(turn up at 4.45pm)

Sunday 1st Oct: 5pm
(turn up at 4.45pm)


條款和條件 Terms & conditions:

* 此活動有限制參加人數. 活動進行時,請必須聽從工作人員指示.

This event has a limited number of participants. Please follow the instructions of the staff when the event is in progress.

* 每人只可參加一項活動,完成及勝出者都可獲得獎品

Each person can only participate in one activity, and those who complete and win will receive prizes.

* 圖片只供参考 ,一切以實物 為準

Images are for reference only, the real product should be considered final.

* 活動設有人數限制. 活動進行時, 請聽從工作人員的指示.
Activities have a limit on the number of participants, follow the advice of staff when required.

* 每人只可參加一項活動,完成及勝出者都可獲得獎品.

Participants can only participate once & the winner will receive relevant prizes or souvenirs in each section, while stock lasts.

* 參加者必須使用大會指定的3X3扭計骰

Participants are not allowed to use any Rubik’s Cube not provided by the organizer

* 如有任何爭議,主辦方Kade Ltd將保留最終決定權.
In case of disputes,Kade Ltd reserves the right to a final decision.

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