Hasbro Mini Keychain Games

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Play endless hours of fun with the mini keychain version of classic Hasbro game favorites. Use it as a keychain or attach it to your bag. These super mini Hasbro games are perfect for playing on the go! Easy to carry, perfect for traveling to keep the family entertained.

  • All games are fully functioning and will provide great on-the-go entertainment and fun! 
  • Each game includes all the necessary and expected components for actual game play, just miniaturized
  • Every set comes in a small 2″ W x 2.8″ H carrying case
  • Ages 6–8+

Collect 8 Classic Hasbro Games:

-Monopoly Classic
-Monopoly Gold
-Connect 4
-Guess Who
-Trivial Pursuit
-Game Of Life


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Monopoly Gold


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